Men’s Box Team

The Israel men’s national box team is currently ranked #5 in the world.

The next major quadrennial event is the 2024 World Indoor Lacrosse Championship. In lieu of formal tryouts, Israel Box Lacrosse operates two training/evaluation camps annually; in Syracuse every October, and in Prague every April.

Men’s Box Team

The Israel men’s national box team is currently ranked #5 in the world and #1 in Europe.

The next major quadrennial event is the 2022 ELF European Lacrosse Championship, held in Hannover, Germany. In lieu of formal tryouts, the team holds two training/evaluation camps annually; in Syracuse every October, and in Prague every April.


July 30-August 6, 2022
European Box Lacrosse Championship in Hannover, Germany
October 2022
Training/Evaluation Camp - Syracuse
Israel Announces Roster for 2019 World Indoors
April 2022
Training/Evaluation Camp - Prague

2024 WORLD Team Staff

Israel Lacrosse’s Men’s Box team will compete in the Blue Division at the 2024 World Indoor Lacrosse Championship.

Head Coach

Assistant Coach

Assistant Coach


Equipment Manager

Chair of Men’s National Teams


  • Adam Wolf
  • Daniel Applebaum
  • Andrew Kruter
  • Bryan Hopper
  • Noah Molnar
  • Kevin Harper
  • Isaac Paparo
  • Seth Mahler
  • Chad Culp
  • Dalton Lundy
  • Daniel Deckelbaum
  • Ian Kadish
  • Chris Friedman
  • Eric Cantor
  • Zachary Higgins
  • Nate Solomon
  • Matthew Flapan
  • Kyle Bergman
  • Isaac Bock
  • Adam Fishman
  • Jean-Luc Chetner
  • Zachary Pall
  • Jacob Silberlicht
  • Eric Fischer
  • Jerryd Jensen


  • Kyle Bergman
  • Isaac Bock
  • Dan Deckelbaum
  • Eric Fischer
  • Adam Fishman
  • Bryan Hopper
  • Ryan Hunter
  • Drew Lazar


  • Dan Applebaum
  • Kevin Harper
  • Seth Mahler
  • Franklin Pargh
  • Bryan Rotatori
  • Jacob Silberlicht
  • Doug Utting


  • Eric Cantor
  • Matthew Flapan
  • Chris Friedman
  • Andrew Kruter
  • Dalton Lundy
  • Noah Molnar
  • Josh Schwall


  • Jerryd Jensen
  • Adam Wolf, Everest Academy
  • Benjamin Smith, Harvard
  • Andrew Kruter, Lebanon Valley
  • Bryan Hopper, Barak Netanya LC
  • Kevin Harper, Oakville Titans
  • Daniel Bialosky, Tufts
  • Seth Mahler, Herzliya LC
  • Dalton Lundy, Hartford
  • Chris Friedman, Ashkelon LC
  • Zachary Higgins, Brooklin Redmen
  • Daniel Leventhal, Be’er Sheva LC
  • Ari Sussman, Dartmouth
  • Doug Utting, Nipissing
  • Andrew Copeland, Ashdod LC
  • Matthew Flapan, Sderot LC
  • Kyle Bergman, Drexel
  • Ori Bar David, Barak Netanya LC
  • Harrison Freid, Michigan
  • Jean-Luc Chetner, Richmond
  • Zachary Pall, Hofstra
  • Jacob Silberlicht, Sderot LC
  • Eric Fischer, Be’er Sheva LC
  • Zachary Ornstein, Haifa LC
  • Glen Tobin, Kiryat Gat, Israel
  • Bradley Diamond, Syracuse, NY
  • Franklin Pargh, Nashville, TN
  • Jonathan Rathauser, Mukuru, Kenya
  • Bryan Hopper, Ridgewood, NJ
  • Max Artz, Gates Mills, OH
  • Daniel Bialosky, Boston, MA
  • Andrew Landsman, Ashdod, Israel
  • Aaron Tracy, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Seth Mahler, Ashkelon, Israel
  • Chris Friedman, Ashkelon, Israel
  • Eric Kansky, Ashkelon, Israel
  • Aaron Feinberg, Netanya, Israel
  • Andrew Copeland, Ashdod, Israel
  • Avraham Kolel, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Matthew Flapan, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Jon Lipton, New York, NY
  • Kyle Bergman, New York, NY
  • Aaron Mathias, Ridgefield, CT
  • Harrison Freid, New York, NY
  • Jeffrey Schwartz, Ashdod, Israel
  • Cooper Levitan, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Joshua Bernstein, Netanya, Israel
  • Aloni, Alec
  • Bergman, Kyle
  • Clark, Chase
  • Copeland, Andrew
  • Crystal, Adam
  • Culp, Chad
  • Deckelbaum, Dan
  • Flapan, Matt
  • Freid, Harry
  • Harper, Kevin
  • Higgins, Zach
  • Hopper, Bryan
  • Leventhal, Dan
  • Lundy, Dalton
  • Mahler, Seth
  • McCormack, Cole
  • Miller, Noah
  • Pall, Zach
  • Price, Tate
  • Silberlicht, Jake
  • Smith, Ben
  • Stone, Mike

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