Evan Wolpert Commits to Gap Year in Israel

Evan Wolpert Commits to Gap Year in Israel

ASHKELON, ISRAEL – Evan Wolpert, a native of New York, New York will relocate to Israel in October to participate in Israel Lacrosse’s Masa Gap-Year program.

Wolpert will live like a local, train, compete, and directly contribute to the grassroots development of the sport in Israel. The 19-year-old attacker will have a prioritized opportunity to be evaluated to compete at the U20 Men’s World Lacrosse Championships, held in Limerick, Ireland from June 17-26, 2021.

A recent graduate of Dalton High School, Wolpert is Dalton’s all-time scoring leader. He was a named two-time all-league and also a member of Igloo lacrosse club.

“We are excited for the NY native and Haverford commit,” said Seth Mahler, Director of Men’s Lacrosse. “Evan will grow personally, experience everything Israel has to offer, and stay a step ahead of his peers while training on a collegiate regiment during his gap year in Israel.”

Wolpert will be a freshman was Haverford College in 2021, where he will play lacrosse for the squirrels following his gap-year in Israel. In 2016, Wolpert competed for the blue-and-white in a scrimmage against Long Island Select.

Masa Israel Journey offers young adults between the ages of 18 to 30, a unique and life-changing opportunity to experience Israel. In 2015, Masa Israel Journey officially recognized the Israel Lacrosse Gap Year Program as a member of its organization. Israel Lacrosse is the nation’s fully functioning National Governing Body of the sport that has a large range of internships and opportunities to offer. Participants of our gap year programs will have an immersive experience to explore their interest, build their resume, interact with Israelis, live like a local, all while contributing to the growth of lacrosse in Israel.

Athletes who are interested in learning more about the Israel Lacrosse Gap Year program should contact Director of Men’s Lacrosse, Seth Mahler at [email protected].