We decided to send Nathan to Israel on the Israel Lacrosse program because of COVID. Without COVID, it would never have happened. What we received was an incredible gift that gave our son (and us ) so much more than we could have anticipated. Truly, the Israel Lacrosse gap year program is not to be missed. Nathan says that when he talks about the best times of his life these are the times he is talking about. The program ostensibly is about lacrosse, and the lacrosse training and playing is wonderful, but there is so much more — the camaraderie, the connection to Israel, the incredible development in maturity. After spending a year being responsible for himself; realizing how much he enjoys meeting new friends, learning how to cook, memorizing the bus schedule in Eilat, working with Israeli youth, and bridging the language divide, the trials and tribulations of freshman year should be a breeze. We are so glad that we sent Nathan on the Israel Lacrosse gap year program and so grateful that we were able to give our son this opportunity. It was a great year and one we recommend anyone interested in personal growth and lacrosse to pursue.