Raychel Reilly Named Israel Lacrosse’s Director of Development

ASHKELON, ISRAEL – The Israel Lacrosse Association is pleased to announce the appointment of Raychel Reilly as Director of Development. With a sterling career in the Jewish nonprofit field, Raychel brings a wealth of experience and a passion for fostering community growth through sports and wellness. 

Raychel’s journey with Israel Lacrosse began in 2015 when she served as a chaperone for the Winter Service Trip. She continued as she staffed additional winter service trips and led multiple Birthright trips. Notably, Raychel facilitated a successful partnership between Israel Lacrosse and the Merage JCC, bringing athletes from Orange County, California to the first-ever lacrosse clinic in their sister city of Kfar Yona, Israel.

“From my very first trip, I experienced the magic and was hooked. I’ve witnessed cultural and social barriers broken down, and athletes finding and strengthening deep connections to Judaism and Israel… all on a lacrosse field. Simply amazing,” said Raychel.

Raychel’s commitment extends beyond her professional responsibilities: she has volunteered for organizations including IsraelNow, BBYO, Amazing Israel, JCC Maccabi, and, of course, Israel Lacrosse. Raychel is a visionary community builder with a passion for inspiring Jewish journeys via sports, wellness, and impactful programming. 

As the current Chief Operating Officer at the Binghamton JCC, Raychel brings extensive knowledge and experience. She served for the last 14 years at JCCs across the movement, bringing sound strategy and creative thinking to a variety of roles.  Her impactful contributions have extended from various positions including General Manager of Health & Wellness at the Merage JCC of Orange County, California, Chief Health & Wellness Officer at the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades, Fitness Director at the JCCs of Greater Baltimore, and Director of Athletics and Youth Wellness at the Springfield JCC.   

Ready with a proven track record of spearheading successful fundraising initiatives and events, Raychel brings an unwavering dedication to advancing the mission and impact of Israel Lacrosse.  Her strategic approach to fundraising aligns seamlessly with the goals and vision of Executive Director Ian Kadish, setting a strong foundation for sustainable growth and support. Her expertise and ability to foster meaningful connections through sport make her a valuable addition to the Israel Lacrosse team. 

Coincidently, one of the meaningful connections to Israel she helped foster was for Ian Kadish, Israel Lacrosse’s Executive Director.  Raychel served as the chaperone on Ian’s birthright trip which was his very first experience with Israel Lacrosse.  Watching how the organization has grown and thrived under his leadership inspired Raychel to join the team officially.

“With Ian leading the way, the possibilities are endless for ILA, and I want to help instill the financial security to ensure his dreams become reality,” shared Raychel. “I am thrilled to be joining Israel Lacrosse as the Director of Development. My journey in the Jewish nonprofit field has been enriching, and I am excited to bring my passion for sports, wellness, and community building to this new role. I am deeply committed to the mission of Israel Lacrosse and I am looking forward to creating more opportunities for the coaches on the ground to continue the growth they have made with our players as well as expanding our organization’s reach globally.”

In these unprecedented times, Raychel is an important addition to our staff. As Director of Development, she will play a crucial role in advancing our commitment to youth and community development through lacrosse.