Israel U-19 teams wrap-up Scotland campaign

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND — The Israel U-19 women’s national teams completed their world debut in Scotland last week, and while they experienced mixed success on the field, they showed glimpses of a bright future for lacrosse in the Jewish State.

The Championship squad showed major improvement in their final three games; the team fell to Colombia, 15-8; Shirel Fresh (three goals), Jenna Baverman (two goals, three assists), Lucy Hass (two goals, one assist) and Genna Portner (one goal) cracked the scoresheet while Gal Peretz (60:00, 10 saves, 15 GA) continued to impress in goal.

Hass scored Israel’s lone goal in a 24-1 loss to Germany. Peretz (60:00, 9 saves, 24 GA) was dealt the loss.

In the 13th-place match, South Korea held off Israel, 11-8 Despite the loss, Baverman was awarded Player of the Match honors for her three goal, three assist performance. Genna Portner (three goals), Hass (one goal) and Fresh (one goal) also scored. Peretz (60:00, 14 saves, 11 GA) was exceptional in goal.

Israel’s festival team finishe with a 5-4 record and in 7th place of the 16 participating teams.

Pool play – Israel 10, Scotland Developmental 3

Drew Reno led Israel with four goals, while Natalie Lowenstein (one goal, one assist) also had a big day. Gina Salemi, Alison Koff, Rachel Yaffe, Lily Kovach and Molly Covarrubias added singles. Rebecca Wilen (30:00, 3 GA) was credited the win in goal.

Pool play – Potomac (USA) 8, Israel 2

Reno scored both of Israel’s goals; Wilen (30:00, 4 saves, 8 GA) was dealt the loss.

Pool play – Israel 8, Wales 4

Covarrubias had one goal and two assists, while Dana Isaacs and Salemi each scored twice. Reno and Julie Wise each chipped in one goal and one assist. Abby Glaser scored once. Wilen (30:00, 2 saves, 4 GA) earned the win in goal.

Pool play – Israel 7, Midwestern (USA) 2

Covarrubias (two goals, one assist) and Reno (two goals) led Israel in their final pool play match. Isaacs, Salemi and Wise each added singles. Wilen (30:00, 3 saves, 2 GA) earned the win in goal.

Quarterfinals – STEPS (USA) 7, Israel 3

Israel could not overcome the undefeated American-club STEPS in the quarterfinals, falling 7-3 on Friday. Yaffe scored two goals, while Covarrubias scored once. Koff added an assist. Wilen (30:00, 6 saves, 7 GA) was dealt the loss in goal.

7th Place Game – Capital (USA) 9, Israel 2

Salemi and Reno scored once each, while Covarrubias chipped in an assist. Wilen (30:00, 8 saves, 9 GA) was dealt the loss in goal.

Festival Team Schedule
Tue, Jul 28 – Israel vs. Team HLA (USA) (L, 9-5)
Tue, Jul 28 – Israel vs. Lady Eleanor Holles (England) (W, 8-5)
Tue, Jul 28 – Israel vs. Central NY Elite (USA) (W, 5-2)
Wed, Jul 29 – Israel vs. Scotland Developmental (W, 10-3)
Wed, Jul 29 – Israel vs. Potomac (USA) (L, 8-2)
Thu, Jul 30 – Israel vs. Wales (W, 8-4)
Thu, Jul 30 – Israel vs. Midwestern (USA) (W, 7-2)
Fri, Jul 31 – Israel vs. STEPS (USA) (L, 7-3)
Fri, Jul 31 – Israel vs. Capital (USA) (L, 9-2)

Championship Team Schedule
Wed, Jul 22 – Israel vs. Finland (L, 8-0)
Thu, Jul 23 – Israel vs. South Korea (L, 3-2 (OT))
Fri, Jul 24 – Israel vs. #11 New Zealand (L, 19-0)
Sun, Jul 26 – Israel vs. #1 United States (L, 18-0)
Tue, Jul 28 – Israel vs. #7 Japan (L, 21-1)
Wed, Jul 29 – Israel vs. Colombia (L, 15-8)
Thu, Jul 30 – Israel vs. #10 Germany (L, 24-1)
Fri, Jul 31 – Israel vs. South Korea (L, 11-8)

Caps x6: Rachel Becker, Molly Covarrubias, Abby Glaser, Alex Ginsberg, Dana Isaacs, Alison Koff, Lily Kovach, Natalie Lowenstein, Drew Reno, Gina Salemi, Sabina Skolnick, Charly Walter, Rebecca Wilen, Julie Wise, Rachel Yaffe

Caps x3: Nikol Baglay, Serena Cale, Gabriella Cheban, Roten Ben Zino, Shirel Fresh, Sivan Gvili, Lucy Hass, Shir Matzrafi, Shilat Ohayon, Talya Ozeri, Gal Peretz, Genna Portner, Mikaella Rutenberg, Ilana Sunshine, Tahlee Yichye

Caps x2: Jenna Baverman

Caps x1: Lilly Pollak