Israel Lacrosse re-starts practices in four cities

ASHKELON, ISRAEL — Israel’s Ministry of Sport and the relevant local bodies have approved the Israel Lacrosse Association’s plans to resume group training in four cities ahead of potential competition in July.

As of June 19th, the ILA has directly certified 86 coaches and athletes as knowledgeable of the protective measures in place to return to the field, on a limited basis and with significant precautionary measures.

Under the updated measures, practices will continue to be held in groups of 15, and will initially be non-contact and with two meters of distance between players at all times. Among other precautions, athletes are expected to travel to the facility in private vehicles, temperature will be taken prior to each practice, and use of the facility showers are not permitted.

ILA leadership hopes to permit normal competition in July, and is continuing to evaluate on a week-to-week basis.
ILA leadership hopes to permit normal competition in July, and is continuing to evaluate on a week-to-week basis.

The ILA is exploring possible competition structure for July under World Lacrosse’s new Sixes discipline. Israel’s national governing body of lacrosse has been relaxing measures roughly two weeks behind the nation’s top-level football and basketball associations. Israel’s top-level men’s soccer league re-started earlier this month, while pro basketball is set to tip-off on June 21st.

In addition to the Israel Lacrosse National Training Center in Ashkelon, the ILA may utilize fields at Municipal Stadium (Herzliya), Wingate Institute (Netanya) and LSH Stadium (Sha’ar HaNegev).

The updated 15-player rosters submitted to the relevant local bodies, which may not be adjusted or intermingled during this period, are below.

Ashkelon men’s capsule
F Abramovich, Ronen – Ashkelon
F Burstein, Amit – Ashkelon
M Dagan, Yuval – Ashdod
M Edri, Stav – Be’er Tuvia
M Geva, Dolev – Ashkelon
G Habari, Etay – Be’er Sheva
M Habari, Gal – Be’er Sheva
G Lederman, Yonatan – Be’er Sheva
D Lehman, Yair – Be’er Sheva
D Levi, Yonaton – Be’er Tuvia
M Mahler, Seth – Tel Aviv **Acting player/coach
F Obreja, Yoel – Ashkelon
M Richter, Lazar – Ashkelon
F Tal, Roi – Ashkelon
D Yuffa, Daniel – Ashkelon

North men’s capsule
M Altid, Idan – Netanya
M Anscher, Tal – Netanya
M Bar David, Ido – Netanya
M Bar David, Ori – Netanya **Acting player/coach
F Ben Harush, Tom – Netanya
F Bouron, Yarin – Kfar Yona
M Bruss, Osher – Netanya
M Emanuel, Itamar – Herzliya
M Gini, Ariel – Herzliya
G Girdish, Aviel – Kfar Yona
M Malka, Harel – Kfar Yona
D Mittler, Ron – Netanya
M Tal, Shalev – Netanya
F Zeloof, Zac – Herzliya

Sha’ar HaNegev men’s capsule
M Abutbul, Ilay – Gevim
M Avieli, Gilad – Klachim
D Biton, Eyal – Bror Hayil
M Chana, Nimrod – Or HaNer
G Dadon, Sahar – Dorot
M Gefen, Itay – Yad Natan
M Hagbi, Oren – Yachini
M Hagbi, Niv – Yachini
F Harel, Ofri – Bror Hayil
D Hazan, Omer – Sderot
M Lachyani, Yoav – Nahal Oz
D Pak, Chris – Sderot
G Silberlicht, Jacob – Ashkelon **Acting player/coach
M Vaknin, Yitzhak – Sde David
M Yefrach, Ronel – Nehora

Ashkelon Ksufa women’s capsule
G Brager, Riley – Ashkelon **Acting player/coach
M Golobev, Eilan – Ashkelon
M Gorobets, Yulia – Ashkelon
D Haim, Neta – Ashkelon
M Mekonen, Atsede – Ashkelon
A Nagauker, Liav – Ashdod
M Shteinfer, Leah – Ashkelon
M Shwartz, Yaheli – Bror Hayil
M Yamin, Liri – Ashkelon
M Zvroskia, Dayana – Ashkelon

Ashkelon Shahora women’s capsule
G Assor, Ariel – Ashkelon
A Baglay, Nikol – Ashkelon **Acting player/coach
M Ben Abu, Chosen – Ashkelon
G Ben Zeev, Naama – Ashkelon
D Galgor, Mishel – Ashkelon
D Katniy, Noya – Ashkelon
M Levovski, Alisa – Ashkelon
D Pavlichov, Valeria – Ashkelon
A Shimoni, Ema – Ashkelon
M Tgania, Palagosh – Kiryat Gat
A Tor, Anna – Kiryat Gat
A Zalaski, Dana – Ashkelon

North women’s capsule
G Assayag, Lielle – Netanya
A Atiya, Liri – Kfar Yona
D Barak, Shani – Herzliya
D Cohen, Carmel – Ra’naana
M Gini, Elanor – Herzliya
M Kahn, Tamar – Herzliya
M Lustig, Ofri – Herzliya
M Lustig, Shiraz – Herzliya
A McDonough, MacEllen – Ashkelon **Acting player/coach
A Tadmor, Tal – Tel Aviv
D Zada, May – Herzliya
G Zvieli, Tali – Herzliya

Sha’ar HaNegev women’s capsule
M Dahan, Lee-Ann – Mefalsim
G Halali, Lishai – Shachar
M Kalimi, Nofar – Shibbolim
A Lahav, Dana – Gevim
M Meisenberg, Sarah – Ashkelon **Acting player/coach
M Shnit, Talya – Kohav Michael
A Yifrach, Mior – Nehora
M Zur, Gal – Kohav Michael

Per ILA policy, no other groups are permitted to practice at this time, and all domestic matches and league play remain suspended.

Although tryouts for the upcoming national team events have not yet been scheduled, the Israel women’s national team has qualified for both the 2021 World Lacrosse Championships in Baltimore, Maryland, and The World Games 2022 in Birmingham, Alabama.

The Israel men’s national team has also qualified for The World Games 2022 in Birmingham, with the rest of the men’s international calendar still taking shape following a domino-effect of postponements. At this time it has been announced that the U-19 World Championships, to be held in Limerick, Ireland, has been rescheduled for June 17-26, 2021, and will now be a U-20 championship event. The Men’s European Championships in Wrocław, Poland is expected to be rescheduled for July 22-31, 2021.

ILA leadership hopes to permit normal competition in July, and is continuing to evaluate on a week-to-week basis.