IPLL Announces 2015 Schedule

The inaugural season of the Israel Premier Lacrosse League (IPLL) will officially kick off on July 6th, when Ashkelon LC and Haifa LC meet in a neutral-site showcase game in Ashdod, Israel.

The condensed summer schedule — designed to attract players from abroad — features each team playing two games weekly. In addition to gamenights, Premier League teams will be permitted to practice up to three times weekly.

With a mission of developing the sport to the next generation of young Israelis, a staple of the IPLL schedule will be the league’s four Lacrosse Festivals — one in each city — which features a full day of youth games and girls and women’s lacrosse exhibitions, followed by a Premier League doubleheader in the evening.

The IPLL schedule is preluded by a two-part All-Star Game, held June 28th in Ashkelon and July 1st in Tel Aviv, featuring the Israel men’s national team and the Birthright/USA All-Stars.

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