Welcome to the Winter Bubble: Compete in the IPLL in 2020

The sixth annual Israel Premier Lacrosse League (IPLL) season kicks off in December as six teams compete for the crown in the highest-level league outside of North America.  Like prior years, the IPLL schedule has been specifically designed to attract NCAA athletes — with a 10-game season taking place over just three weeks — over your winter break, during the collegiate offseason.

The 2020 IPLL season was postponed from this summer to December 2-26, and will be operated in a bubble with all games taking place at Israel Lacrosse’s dedicated National Training Center in Ashkelon, Israel.  Athletes will be housed within the bubble in dedicated housing.

All current collegiate athletes and recent graduates (ages 18-24) who desire the opportunity to travel abroad to Israel while being able to train, compete, and coach the sport of lacrosse should consider joining the IPLL.  Players of all nationalities and religious backgrounds are encouraged to participate.  Per international rules, athletes must be 16 or older as of December 1, 2020 to participate.

For more information or to apply to join the IPLL, please contact Seth Mahler at [email protected].