The Israel Lacrosse Association

The Israel Lacrosse Association (ILA) is the national governing body of the sport of lacrosse in Israel.

The ILA is steadfast in its commitment to both grow the sport of lacrosse in Israel and to elevate its prominence within
the country. Through school programming, community outreach and collaboration with the Ministry of Sport, we will
bolster the sport’s significance and popularity across Israel via dedicated grassroots recruiting, instruction, and team
building initiatives.

Additionally, the ILA is committed to fostering a love and devotion to the State of Israel by strategically engaging the
Jewish diaspora. By using lacrosse as a vehicle, we will create unique and meaningful opportunities to visit, coach, and
train within the country. In doing so, we will also create and strengthen lifelong passions and connections to our Jewish

The ILA will utilize lacrosse as a platform to bridge divided communities throughout the country, leveraging the sport as
a building block to foster relationships that are built on similarities born from the commonality of sport and competition.

The Israel Lacrosse Association is the National Governing Body of the sport of lacrosse in Israel.  We are a registered Amuta #580554475 in Israel and a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the United States #45-3857764.  We are a full member of World Lacrosse ( and the European Lacrosse Federation (

The ILA aims to promote lacrosse in the Jewish State by allocating resources, programming and inspiring participation from all over the country.  The organization’s vision is based on the belief that lacrosse has an important and significant role in strengthening the ties of Diaspora Jewry to Israel.