Lacrosse Birthright is back in 2022

This summer Israel Lacrosse is partnering with Tailor Made on a Free 10 Day Birthright Lacrosse trip in summer 2022 for Jewish players ages 18-26.

During the free 10-day trip to Israel, participating athletes will contribute to the development of lacrosse by coaching young Israeli players, competing in exhibition games against the Israel men’s and women’s national teams, as well as touring the country to learn about what Israel and the region have to offer in sport.

The tour is limited to 40 Jewish athletes who are active or recent graduates of NCAA lacrosse programs. Players from club lacrosse programs are also welcome to apply.

Participants must cover their own travel expense to New York for the tour, which is operated in conjunction with Tailor Made and Taglit-Birthright. The trips are otherwise completely free of charge for Jewish athletes ages 18-26.

“This trip is a rare opportunity and experience to explore a beautiful country, discovering and building relationships while playing a sport you love – all free of charge,” said Israel men’s lacrosse director Seth Mahler, who first visited Israel on a Birthright trip in 2010. “The response to Lacrosse Birthright has been overwhelmingly positive and many past participants have shown their appreciation by returning to Israel to continue giving back through our organization.”

Placements are limited and applicants are encouraged to register immediately. Please note that all Taglit-Birthright eligibility rules apply and there are no guarantees for placement.

For additional information, please contact David Lasday at [email protected].