Israel Women’s National Training Program launches this summer

The Israel Women’s Developmental Team is a high-performance opportunity to prepare players who are eligible to compete for Israel ahead of the program’s summer 2021 campaign.  We are specifically seeking athletes in the 18-21 age-range to participate in the training program, which runs alongside the Women’s European Lacrosse Championships in Israel this summer.

The “Road to 2021” starts in July as we will begin to evaluate players, considering not just ability, but more importantly character, and commitment to the development of lacrosse in Israel.  The 2021 summer will be a busy one for Israel’s Women’s National Team, following qualification to both the FIL World Cup in Towson, Maryland, and the multi-sport IWGA World Games in Birmingham, Alabama.

This summer, the Developmental squad will be competing in several exhibition matches and joint-training events with European national teams from July 13-15, as well as other practices, games, and scrimmage opportunities through July 25th.

Based on immediate needs, several players from Israel’s Birthright Trip / Developmental Team are expected to be immediately promoted to the Women’s National Team at this summer’s European Championships.

The program runs from July 12-26, 2019.  Athletes are also strongly encouraged to participate in the Israel Lacrosse Birthright Trip, which runs from July 1-11 and includes additional training opportunities.

To secure a spot on the Developmental Team or for more information, please contact Sarah Meisenberg at [email protected].  Participation in this program is limited to 18 players on a first-come, first-serve basis.