IPLL announces new club in Netanya

NETANYA, ISRAEL — The Society Amutah for Sport and Youth Development in Netanya, which operates the men’s professional basketball team, is pleased to announce that it is bringing the Israel Premier Lacrosse League to Netanya.

Barak Netanya LC was today announced as the second of at least four men’s teams competing in the inaugural season of the IPLL.

The club is expected to play its’ home games at Wingate Institute, and will operate in partnership with the Barak Netanya basketball club. Participation in the Premier League is contingent upon the club obtaining a membership of at least 100 youth lacrosse players in the city.

The Premier League, which kicks off its inaugural season in Summer 2015, will be comprised of primarily collegiate players with NCAA eligibility remaining. The league previously announced Haifa as its’ first club last month.

“We are very excited to welcome lacrosse to the Barak Netanya family,” said Barak Netanya BC chairman Benny Burnley. “The growth of lacrosse in our city has been remarkable, and we are thrilled to further introduce the sport at a high level under the Barak umbrella.”

The partnership with Barak Netanya BC, which has a rich history since its’ establishment in 1959, includes joint marketing initiatives, signage and on-floor contests featuring lacrosse at Yeshuron Hall, and a basketball-lacrosse charity challenge doubleheader in May.

The Israel Lacrosse Association will also have a strong presence at Barak Netanya BC’s home game against first-place Ramat Gan on December 30th, which is being billed as “Lacrosse Day in Netanya”.

“The storied brand and tradition of Barak Netanya is now synonymous with giving back to the Netanya community,” said Rachel Colburn, who was instrumental in establishing the Sticks For Kids program nationally in Israel, a program that is being incubated by the Kids Connect Network. “I’m delighted that we will be able to expand those efforts by giving lacrosse players the opportunity to serve as role models and ambassadors to engage, educate and energize the at-risk youth of the city.”

Premier League athletes will have internship and volunteer opportunities in coaching young lacrosse players in their city, as well as in marketing, public relations and operations for their club. Affordable housing will also be made available to visiting players in the “Lacrosse Embassy” of each city.

Athletes who are interested in competing in Netanya, or elsewhere in the Israel Premier Lacrosse League can register at http://www.israellacrosse.com/IPLL — Players of all nationalities and religious backgrounds are encouraged to participate.

Barak Netanya LC will begin an international search for their head coach position this week.