Equipment Drives

To date, thousands of pounds of lightly-used lacrosse equipment has been transported to the Middle East to allow the youth of Israel to participate in the shared passion of lacrosse.

The purpose of conducting a local equipment drive is to directly contribute to the development of the sport of lacrosse in Israel and the livelihood of young Israeli athletes. We recommend reaching out to your local high school team, summer or club team, or other high schools and colleges in your area. You probably have a few old sticks or an old helmet in your closet or your garage. So do all your friends and teammates—collect them and give them new life in Israel!

Each piece of equipment goes directly into the hands of Israeli youth lacrosse players, as the influx of equipment enables the Israel Lacrosse Association to expand our efforts and introduce sustainable lacrosse programs in more communities.

The increase of equipment in the country creates the opportunity for more youth players to become involved and also enables us to continue our social responsibility initiatives, including Sticks for Kids, a program that uses the sport as a vehicle to empower and engage the at-risk youth of the peripheral communities of Israel.

We especially need helmets, and goggles, but any second-hand sticks or protective equipment is welcome.

If you are interested in conducting an equipment drive, please contact Jacob Silberlicht at [email protected].