Justin Meyer

Justin first joined Israel Lacrosse in 2017, moving to Netanya, Israel, for nine months to write about the sport in the country and international lacrosse as a whole, culminating with the 2018 World Lacrosse Men’s Championship. He also accompanied the ILA’s Winter Service Trip to Poland, the Israel Men’s National Team to friendlies in Germany, and Tel Aviv LC’s championship at the Ales Hrebesky Memorial in Prague, Czech Republic, reporting on the experience the whole way. By the end of Justin’s nine months, he had interviewed humans from six continents and more countries than he could count.

He returned to the organization in 2024 as Editor-in-Chief and Chief Content Specialist. His main role within the organization is to tell the stories of the people and places that make Israel Lacrosse move.

Justin knew writing and reporting would be his future at age 15. He attended the University of Maryland with this in mind. In all, he has co-founded three businesses, served as Editor-in-Chief of five websites, and spent time at The Columbus Dispatch, San Antonio Express-News, and USA Today.

Justin chose to return to Israel Lacrosse to engage in positivity. It is what he can do within his power to spread an uplifting and purposeful path for Israeli youth, some of whom might not otherwise have a constructive use of their time after school. Lacrosse can give children, teens, and young adults something to care about, something to aspire for. Justin wants this for as many Israelis as possible.

Justin lives in Columbus, Ohio, where he was born and raised, with his wife and dog.